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Press Code IsiZulu version - 07 Feb 2020
Press Code IsiZulu version
Decoding the Code - 03 Feb 2020
Decoding the Code
Rise above the noise and defend freedom of expression – Joe Thloloe - 03 Feb 2020
He was interviewed on the eve of Black Wednesday/Media Freedom Day, which commemorates the events of 19 October 1977, when 18 organisations were banned, editors arrested and three publications (The World, Weekend World and the church publication Pro Veritate) were shut down by the apartheid government. On that day, Thloloe was already in jail. //
Press Council pays tribute to Raymond Louw - 03 Feb 2020
The Press Council mourns the passing of its deputy chair, veteran journalist and campaigner for media freedom, Raymond Louw and his wife Jean, who passed away within 24 hours of each other. Louw was 92 and Jean was 88. For more than seven decades, Raymond Louw was deeply committed to the media industry and to freedom of the press. He began his long newspaper career as a reporter on the
Press Council appoints the new Press Ombud - 03 Feb 2020
PIPPA GREEN, a renowned and seasoned journalist and writer, has been appointed by the South African Press Council as the new Press Ombud. This came after Johan Retief, who has occupied the post for nearly a decade, has resigned. She will commence her term on April 1, 2020
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